PISSARRO Camille (1830-1903).

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PISSARRO Camille (1830-1903).
L.A.S. "C. Pissarro", 25 June [1900], to HIS WIFE Julie PISSARRO; 2 pages in-8. About his sick eye, his paintings in progress, and the amateurs. "The eye is better this morning, yesterday it was not famous, there are ups and downs, what is certain is that I have not yet had it as strong as this time and it is not the same as the other times, it is more tenacious and deeper, it is the cartilage itself probably that is inflamed. Taken in time it heals, so I don't dare go far from Parenteau more and more. I think we will do well not to go and look for a place by the sea until the weather is favourable and the eye is perfectly and surely healed. Besides, I have started another painting of 15 which is going well, I will have time to finish them properly. [...] Another painting of mine, a thing of the hermitage, went on public sale and reached the sum of 7 thousand one hundred and fifty fr a second at the price of five thousand one hundred and fifty. - This increase will do me some good. That does not prevent that PORTIER could not sell the two gouaches, the amateur, Mr PERSONNAS having offered a price as 10 years ago, for each! I refused"... He ends with good news of their daughter Cocotte: "we stayed at our window all day to see the party at the Tuileries Garden. If I had known that in advance I would have told Paul to come and I would have prepared a canvas to make these reviews"...
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