PISSARRO Camille (1830-1903).

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PISSARRO Camille (1830-1903).
L.A. (draft), to his doctor; 1 1/2 pages in-8 with erasures and corrections. He has been following his prescription for the past eight days and feels better, "except that at the slightest incursion of a strict diet, which is not easy on a trip, the diarrhea starts again, alternated with constipation. [...] The nose pains have partly ceased, but the urine continues to be very heavy, thick and reddish, I think it's a gouty condition, I sometimes have stinging in my big toe, which doesn't last however [...] Can I eat fish? For I have difficulty in finding meat tender enough, whereas fish would be much easier to chew and is easily found and of good quality. I drink a little white wine from Saumur, as for water I dare not trust it, is it better to drink red wine?..."
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