MONET CLAUDE (1840-1926).

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MONET CLAUDE (1840-1926).
L.A.S. "Claude", London 5 March 1901, to HIS WIFE ALICE; 7 pages in-8 on the letterhead of the Savoy Hotel. Tender letter from London to comfort his wife. "I, too, am in despair to know you so worried and upset, and since this morning I don't know what I am doing, the desire taking hold of me to leave and give up London once and for all". He is ready to come back: "You think that if I can relieve you by my presence, I will do so at once. I was beginning to feel happier and yesterday I had started painting in the evening, and coming home happy at 9 o'clock for dinner, I find your sad letter of Sunday. [I can feel your nervousness and discouragement, and that takes away all my courage too. It is true that life has its sad moments, but if we let ourselves go like that we are lost. It is on the contrary in these moments that one must react and have one's composure. [...] Courage, my dear, and tell me the truth, and if you want me to come back at once, it will be a lot of lost efforts and sacrifices, but I would prefer that if I can be useful and comfort you"... He tries to cheer her up... "If I told you that I regretted not coming here sooner it is precisely because I see that the season will suddenly change and that it will not be possible for me to stay longer than the month. I had no ulterior motive. He leaves for the hospital: "I'm not wasting my time, I assure you"... He resumes his letter at 6 a.m.: "Since 1 a.m. the sun has been shining splendidly, and I beg you to believe that I have taken advantage of it, but it was so windy that it was impossible for me to stay on the terrace at the hospital, so I came back very quickly and have worked until now"...
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