MONET CLAUDE (1840-1926).

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MONET CLAUDE (1840-1926).
3 L.A.S. "Monet" or "Claude", London February 16-18, 1900, to HIS WIFE ALICE; 3, 4 and 3 pages in-8 on the letterhead of the Savoy Hotel. Day-to-day chronicle of his life and work in London. 16 February. Wants to write to Alice on her birthday and "take advantage of a moment when the sun is bothering me a little (for it is shining, which seems extraordinary) [...] how unhappy I am to know you alone for the first time, how much I regret being away from you. [I send you all my love with good kisses. I am obliged to be briefer than usual, as I have to take advantage of the fine weather, I shall work here until 4 a.m. and then go to the hospital until 6 a.m. and have only just time to come back to dress", to dine at the home of the doctor who is a friend of Mr Hunter. "Again, my dear, all my kisses, and happy birthday. [Your old man who loves you Claude. February 17, 4 p.m. "Good day's work today in spite of the non-stop rain which prevented me from going to the hospital, to my great regret, for what I started there is admirable to do and much more interesting than what I did at the Savoy. At last I am well on my way now, but what a pain, for no day is the same. Yesterday sunshine with an exquisite mist, and a splendid sunset to-day rain and fog so much so that I am writing to you in the light at 4 o'clock when yesterday I was able to work till nearly 6." He returned at midnight of the evening to Dr. Payne's: "I had to put on the habit, and well did I, for there was a crowd of ladies in décoleté, almost everybody speaking French, there was the director of the British Museum, a very kind and intelligent man whom I had met formerly in Paris at Durand's..." He was surprised that the storm had not destroyed anything in the garden, but worried about the pond... "I am leaving you because I have a long letter to write to Durand [DURAND-RUEL] to whom they came to say that they were sorry for our refusal to exhibit, but that if we wanted they would put a room at our disposal. I didn't need this hassle. [...] Your old Claude who loves you. 18 February. "What a beautiful day today, I am delighted for you, thinking that you have the same weather. I am also totally stunned because I have been working on I don't know how many paintings". He has received an invitation to dinner from Mrs. HUNTER: "Two days ago she was in Edinburgh where she was performing her famous play at the theatre with her daughters and her husband, always for the benefit of the wounded, it seems that she is also going to perform it in London, she is indefatigable. [...] I have not been able to go out for two days because of the weather, and I need to get some fresh air and walk. I kiss you as I love you and Germaine. Your old Monet who loves you"...
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