MONET CLAUDE (1840-1926).

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MONET CLAUDE (1840-1926).
L.A.S. "Claude Monet", Sandviken 5 March 1895, to HIS WIFE ALICE; 6 pages in-8 (marginal marks in red pen). Beautiful and long letter about his work in Norway. He was worried about the silence of his "good and dear wife", but the mail was delayed by bad weather. He is desperate to "see her so discouraged [...] I do not hide from you that when a day passes without a letter from you I am without courage, for I need support and encouragement more than ever. I work, but what a waste of time. Good God, every day is an incident, an unforeseen setback. Like every day I see more beautiful things, it was very cold again after these last snowfalls, but today it is like a thaw. The sun is becoming extraordinarily hot and the days are getting longer in a way we have never seen before [...] in June there will be almost no night at all. I really don't know if I will be able to do a single painting. I always start some without ever finding a second session and yet I know well that I see and understand better how to render this nature. But it would take months to do this, and I fear that any day now the thaw will be complete. What is stupid and regrettable is to have put myself in the head to report something, one does not come thus in a country so different to start to paint it of goal in white. This prevented me from seeing a little of Norway, from where I will return, having seen only the surroundings of Christiania. [...] I am absolutely gnawing at myself, forgive me, but you know me, I cannot hide and to whom can I confide my thoughts and impressions if not to you, [...] I need your support to cheer me up. [...] perhaps tomorrow I will be more satisfied and happier, yesterday I saw everything with a good eye, and depending on the weather when I wake up and especially if I can continue a painting I have started"... He worries about Alice's health... "I love you my darling and think unceasingly of you to all of you so do not blame me for being unhappy you know my energy my courage, when I am at least favored by the weather"...
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