MONET CLAUDE (1840-1926).

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MONET CLAUDE (1840-1926).
7 L.A.S. "Claude Monet", Giverny December 1890-January 1891, to Stéphane MALLARMÉ; 4, 2, 4, 3, 1, 3, 1 ½ pages in-8, in purple ink, 6 envelopes (ink a bit faded with ink discharges). On his efforts on behalf of his son Jean, who was ill during his military service, to obtain a leave of absence. December 16, 1890. His son, who was "very ill", is on convalescent leave in Giverny, but the leave expires on January 2: "I would like to ensure that he does not return to the regiment", by obtaining a renewable leave, "a favour which can only be granted by the Minister of War". Gabriel Hanotaux has intervened with the general in charge of the army corps on which Jean depends, but it would be necessary to act with Freycinet (the Prime Minister), "whose only intervention can remove the matter". Monet asks Mallarmé to get his friend Henri Roujon to intervene... He adds: "I am working in the middle of the ice and snow". Sunday morning [December 21]. Hanotaux and Clemenceau saw Freycinet and the minister; "a word directly addressed by Marshal Canrobert [who had been the lover of Méry Laurent] can only decide success"... December 24. Hanotaux and Clemenceau saw Freycinet: "both of them informed me that since health was invoked it was impossible to grant leave without the young soldier being visited by a military doctor"; he insists that the Minister receive the letter from the Marshal as soon as possible... - 2nd letter. After an approach by the painter Jeanniot to General de Guiney, the General grants "an extension of three months' leave, on condition that Sergeant Monet agrees to return his stripes [...]. These conditions are unacceptable. It is urgent that the Minister receive the Marshal's letter... December 27. He comes to Paris for a few hours and would like to meet Mallarmé. 14 January 1891. He will make a quick trip to Paris, "wanting to make up for lost time and paint some winter effects. Alas, the expected result for my son was not brilliant", in spite of numerous steps; he obtained only one month of extension of his leave... January 16. The gendarmerie has just announced that a "3 month extension" was granted to his son, "without entailing the handing over of his stripes"...
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