MONET CLAUDE (1840-1926).

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MONET CLAUDE (1840-1926).
L.A.S. "Claude Monet", Vétheuil 23 September 1878, to Georges de BELLIO; 2 pages and a half in-8. A moving letter written from Vétheuil, where Monet worries about the health of his wife Camille. [The painter had married in 1870 one of his models, Camille Doncieux, and had two children. Deprived of his main patron, Ernest Hoschedé, who was ruined, he set up his household during the summer of 1878 in Vétheuil, on the banks of the Seine. Camille, whose health deteriorated rapidly, died the following year on September 5, 1879 at the age of 32. Monet, who had a difficult time in Vétheuil (1878-1881), due to his financial difficulties as well as the illness and death of his wife, was very active there and painted more than a hundred pictures depicting the village, the Seine and the village church. Doctor Georges de BELLIO (1828-1894), a doctor and collector, ardent supporter of the Impressionists, bought Monet's first painting in 1874 and subsequently commissioned many paintings from him, while actively helping him to find other buyers. He was a great help to him during his penniless stay in Vétheuil]. "I have received your letter and your instructions have been followed from point to point, but the evil is far from diminishing, I am even beginning to become seriously worried, for I see my wife weakening every day, for forty days the losses have not ceased. What means should be used can you advise us. My wife is very affected and sees herself as lost, she is also extremely changed and without strength, she also wanted to use brandy by drinking a full glass of it, which made her completely intoxicated and ill for twelve days with delirium. We are still here for some time, the weather is so bad that I have a lot of trouble finishing my studies, with my wife's illness which does not leave me unconcerned. If you would like to give me some advice, you will be doing me a great service. Thank you in advance and I hope to see you one of these days, around October 10.
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