GIRODET-TRIOSON Anne-Louis (1767-1824).

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GIRODET-TRIOSON Anne-Louis (1767-1824).
L.A.S. "Girodet-Trioson", Paris 17 May 1814, to his friend Jean-François de BOURGEON; 2 pages in-4. About the commission he had received of portraits of Napoleon. [Several copies of these full-length portraits of Napoleon as a sovereign legislator are known, notably in the Girodet Museum in Montargis, in the Musée de l'Empéri in Salon-de-Provence, and in the Château de Fontainebleau]. He thinks he remembers that his friend has relations with M. "D'Ambrée" [the chancellor DAMBRAY], and asks him to intervene in his favour: "I was ordered about two and a half years ago by the Minister of Justice, 36 portraits of the Napoleon Loan for the imperial courts; I had to obey this order whose result presented me with the advantage of a rather considerable profit, and that the ruin in which the building of my workshop threw me made indispensable"... However, he had to make considerable loans, at high interest, to pay for supplies and collaborators, and "long before the abdication of the Napoleon Loan I had asked the minister to receive at his place 26 or 27 of these portraits, which were by then finished [...]. I had hardly received a third of the fees that were due to me at that time. I stopped the work immediately, but much too late for my interests. I thought that Mgr. the chancellor would judge perhaps appropriate according to the old usage to order portraits of the King for the Courts of Justice and the tribunals. In this case I would hasten to ask his benevolence to be entrusted with this honorable work, much less with a view to obtaining compensation for the considerable losses I have just made than to follow the impulse of the zeal which animates me and which excites me to devote my feeble talents to tracing the image of our august monarch, of whom you know well, my friend, that my wishes implored the return with you and all the good Frenchmen...
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