DELACROIX Eugène (1798-1863).

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DELACROIX Eugène (1798-1863).
2 L.A.S. "Eugène Delacroix", November-December 1818, to Achille PIRON, "employé à l'administration des Postes, Hôtel des Postes", in Paris; 1 page in-4 with address on verso (address crossed out with small ink corrosions, and tear to the stamp removing 5 line ends), and 1 page in-8 with address. [Forêt de Boixe] 6 November 1818. He replies by return so that "my letter is not preceded by its author. If the journey to return is as quick as the one to come, I will not be long in Paris. Our journey was made in two days; again we stopped at Tours. But our car was light and we went like the wind. From Poitiers to here, we fought with the Courier and more than once had the pleasure of passing it. I am afraid that the roads do not allow us to return to this charming pace. [...] Whatever Mr. Enfantin says, I am forced to disagree with him about the fur article. I have before my eyes a most furry bonnet, the hair of which is firmer than the hair on your twenty-year-old head, and which was killed last year at the end of August or in September. M.M. les gardes qui ne manque pas d'expér[ience disent qu'ils voient plus de renards en six mois que nous ne voient d'alouettes en un [an], ils] assurent que la préparation est pour beaucoup dans la présente chose: ce qui est important surtout c'est si elle a été faite peu ou beaucoup de temps après la mort de l'animal. Since hunting in this country is a source of regret to me, I dare to hope that you will share some of your games with me, especially under the auspices of a hunter like Mr. Buissonneau, who seems to me to be stronger in the abstract of hunting than in the concrete, I mean in theory than in practice. When it would only be to shoot a few larks, the pleasure of burning powder is something for an apprentice". He evokes the musical evenings with PIERRET and his flute: "Perhaps there will come a time when we will charm him with our delicious duets. If my plans do not go up in smoke, I intend to study a little this winter. I will also be very pleased to see the notebook you have been working on; it proves that you do not give up work and little by little you will perhaps find more charm in it than in anything else... [Paris] 16 December 1818. He asks him to send a package to Bordeaux. "I would have liked to carry it to you myself, for it is a long time since I last saw you. But it has been impossible for me and I do not know yet when I shall have this pleasure"... Lettres intimes (XI, p. 60, and XIII, p. 66).
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