DELACROIX Eugène (1798-1863).

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DELACROIX Eugène (1798-1863).
L.A.S. "Eugène Delacroix", [31 October 1815], to Achille PIRON, rue Montmartre in Paris; 3 pages small in-4, address (small lack at one corner due to broken seal, and small split). One of the earliest known letters from Delacroix. [Achille PIRON (1798-1865), Delacroix's fellow student at the Lycée impérial (Louis-le-Grand), remained one of his closest friends until the painter's death, when he became his sole heir. He will make all his career in the administration of the Post Office]. "Enjoy yourself, my dear friend, far from blaming you I envy your happiness & the hunting party would also have furious attractions for me; I was enraged on Sunday; but as that leads to nothing I have taken my side. - I will tell you in passing that this rag is costing me infinite pains; it so happened that I had lost MY ordinary pen, that is to say, the one which since I left the Lycée has served me as my private secretary; so that I had to carve one out with a penknife - what a penknife, good God! the first one that fell into my hands. So don't be surprised if I'm dumber today than a member of the Philoteca Society, though less full of myself, that is, of wind. [...] Never has a pen seemed so heavy as the stake I am dragging on this rag, & if it were not for you that I am writing to you I would tell you that my bed is what holds out its arms to me in the most engaging way in the world. Morpheus's poppies rain down like a razor on my poor occiput and the lacrimal glands begin to droop under the influence of the orbicular incisor which dominates the sincipital of the hyoid zygomatic." He expects her "Wednesday at two o'clock at home; which is not too much to ask since you owe me a few dozen visits and besides, it's as good at my place as it is at the Jerusalem artichokes. You will bring our old stuffing; we will try to rejuvenate and make the old child's beard into something drinkable; we will have to slash, cut, slice, slice &c without mercy and put our entrails aside. Farewell dearest dearest friend, farewell Phoebus Pants"... [The farce may be Victoria, an early play whose manuscript, preserved in the Delacroix Museum, was edited in 2018 with Les Dangers de la cour]. Lettres intimes (IV, p. 36).
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