DALI Salvador (1904-1989).

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DALI Salvador (1904-1989).
L.A.S. "Salvator Dali", Pebble Beach, California [Beverly Hills February 8, 1946], to collector and art critic James T. SOBY; 4 pages in-8, letterhead and vignette Del Monte Lodge, envelope written by Gala. SOBY; 4 pages in-8, Del Monte Lodge letterhead and vignette, envelope written by Gala. Important letter about his painting Leda atomica. He asks for CHIRICO's address to whom he must write an important letter... "I have been painting for four months the same small painting Leda atomica, the first one painted according to the great classical tradition, with "transparencies" superimposed ad infinitum, with liquid amber and oils richer and richer in body with each new layer; The material ends up becoming smooth, translucent and hard, like the blue sky on a cloudless day, using the same technique, because the blue of the sky is also the product of infinite layers of air; so we can say that the beautiful material of a painting by RAFAEL is "celestial", just as we can say that the material of a "modern painting" is "exquisite", although it is true that RAFAEL used to paint with sky, whereas nowadays we paint with shit This is developed with all the technical proofs in my next book, which is already finished, 30 photos in color and 60 in black and white, mostly drawings with red chalk and charcoal. My Leda is my first masterpiece and all the technical stages will be reproduced... The book will also have a study of Louis XIV furniture and a sculpture by François Girardon that Gala found in an ignorant antique dealer's shop in San Francisco: it will be "a bloody criticism of the critics who have not yet understood the difference between Burguerau [Bouguereau] and Ingres, since they can only understand Ingres when he is caricatured by Picasso"...
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