COURBET Gustave (1819-1877).

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COURBET Gustave (1819-1877).
L.A.S. "Gustave Courbet", Versailles Tuesday [mid-September 1871], to a colonel [Louis-Dieudonné Gaillard?]; 1 page in-8. Letter from prison, after his indictment for the destruction of the Vendome column. [Courbet was transferred from the Orangerie to the Versailles House of Justice, before being taken to Sainte-Pélagie]. "Mr. Director of the House of Justice warns me that I have no more money to pay for my food, I would be obliged to you to make him give me 50 f. out of the money you have for me. According to the law, as soon as my judgment is over, I belong to the Minister of the Interior and to the civil justice of the department of the Seine, which is my place of residence. As soon as you can, I will be very obliged to you again to kindly have me transported to St. Pelagie, where it seems that I must serve my prison term. I am very unwell and lacking in air - then to save what little I have left of my complete ruin caused by the political affairs of France, and my deprivation of work"... Correspondence, n° 71-39 (p. 391).
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