CHAGALL MARC (1887-1985).

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CHAGALL MARC (1887-1985).
L.A.S. "Marc Chagall", Paris [15] November 1934, to Hermann STRUCK in Haifa (Palestine); one and a quarter pages in-4, envelope; in Yiddish. Beautiful letter on the fate of the Jews in Palestine, and on nostalgia for his native land. [Hermann STRUCK (1876-1944), German Jewish painter and engraver of Jewish origin, was part of the Berlin secessionist movement. A well-known engraver, he taught engraving to Chagall during the young painter's stay in Berlin, and left a beautiful engraved portrait of him. A committed Zionist, Struck moved to Palestine in 1922, and remained friends with Chagall throughout his life]. Translation: "Dear Mr. Struck, We regret very much that we did not see you in Paris. We were in Spain at the time. I received your package with your work from Mr. Robinot's transport company these days to be sent to London as you wish. I put it back in the same condition as I had received it from Mrs Thomson. And now, how are you? Are you happy now that the number of German Jews has increased in the country? Hasn't the spirit become less good? What are you working on? I am also working, in addition to various other concerns, but I am suffering - because I cannot breathe the air of my own country and its people. There is a lack of respect. I'm not talking about the Russians... I'm talking about the Jews. I think we were born too late. Earlier, we would probably have found great Jews who would have given me "walls" on which to express artistic feelings. But we wait in vain. Kiss your wife, my family sends its best regards. My daughter will soon be married. Write from time to time and don't forget your devoted Marc Chagall.
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