1982 FERRARI BB 512 I Ex Jean-Paul Belmondo

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1982 FERRARI BB 512 I Ex Jean-Paul Belmondo
Property of Jean-Paul Belmondo from 1986 to 2002 Certified Ferrari Classiche since the 1st of October 2021 Rare and exceptional color combination Very high quality restoration Perfectly documented history French historic registration title Chassis n° ZFFJA09B000041507 Engine n° F110 A 00165 I n the mid-1960s, as manufacturers began to move the engine of their sports cars behind the driver, Enzo Ferrari stubbornly kept the V12 of his flagship under an endless hood. Tenacious but determined to make his name shine at the top of the supercar pyramid, Il Commendatore eventually gave in to the recommendations of his engineers and developed a mid-engined GT, inspired by the Pininfarina P6 study. The first mid-engined Ferrari was the 365 GT4 BB, presented in 1971. Replacing the 365 GTB/4 «Daytona», it was equipped with a new engine, combining tradition and modernity, adopting the architecture of the 12-flat of Formula 1 and Sport-prototypes (Ferrari 312) of the brand as well as components from the Colombo V12. Developing 375 hp, the engine propels the driver to the insane speed of 300 km/h thanks to an exceptional physique. Shorter but above all lower and wider, the BB recalled the Maranello prototypes entered in sportscar racing. Evolving throughout its career to adapt to the constraints of its time, the BB will know two variations before its replacement by the Testarossa in 1984, eleven years after its release. First evolution, the BB 512 replaces the 365 GT4 BB in 1976. Slightly modified on the outside, it evolved deeply on the inside. It loses its six taillights and exhaust pipes in favor of four taillights and four pipes, like its little sister, the 308 GTB, while a spoiler and wider wheels are added, improving stability at high speed. The engine’s cylinder displacement was increased from 365cc to 411cc to compensate for the loss of power due to new American standards. Although it lost 20 hp, its performance continued to outperform the competition. Its second and last evolution arrives in 1981 and is called BB 512i, for Injection: technology with which Ferrari has a great experience thanks to the motor sport. More torquey at low revs, it is above all more reliable and easier to use on a daily basis. Designed by Leonardo Fioravanti at Pininfarina, the BB is a fundamental car in the history of Ferrari for three reasons. Its design, from the P6 concept car to the BB 512i, is of great purity and will only undergo minor alterations, the technological breakthrough it brought about made it an important milestone in the history of Maranello and finally, the legend - which is no longer a legend since it is mentioned on the official Ferrari website - is born from the story of its design. Upon discovering sketches penned by the Milanese designer, his interlocutors at Ferrari, Angelo Bellei and Sergio Scaglietti, fell in love with this car. Struck by its beauty, they decide to nickname the project «BB», in homage to the French star of the moment, Brigitte Bardot! The acronym was kept when it was presented to the public, the Italian brand giving as official meaning «Berlinetta Boxer», which it was not! Indeed, the BB had neither a berlinetta architecture in the Ferrari tradition, nor a boxer engine... Sold new by Autoexpo Spa in Bolzano, Italy in April 1982, the BB 512i’s second owner was the l’As des As, Le Magnifique: «Bebel». A great sports car fan, undisputed star of the French movie industry, Jean-Paul Belmondo was at the peak of his career when he fell under the spell of this BB! He will acquire it in December 1985 and will put it in his name at his home in the Rue des Saint Pères in the 6th arrondis - sement of Paris on January 9th, 1986. The car carries the registration number 131 FSR 75, which it will keep until July 14, 2002. If we don’t know how many kilometers it had at the time of its purchase, we know thanks to prefecture registers which coincide with the elements in our possession, that the BB 512i counted 19,457 km on the odometer on April 14th, 1992 and will reach 30,000 km on May 14th, 2002, date at which it becomes the property of a couple residing in the Val-de-Marne. Another amusing detail, the copy of the sale certificate written and signed by Jean-Paul Belmondo is attached to the file. Today the car has 40,978 km on the odometer, its mileage growing steadily with regular checks in 1992, 1996, 1998, 2002, 2007, 2009, 2012, 2015, 2017 and 2021. From 2002 to 2015, it will even carry the brilliant registration 512 VS 94! The couple from Paris, who used it regularly, took care to maintain this sublime Ferrari in a very conscientious way, as a large number of invoices from Pozzi or V12 Automobiles attest. Of course, the copies of the registration card in the name of Jean-Paul Belmondo and of these third owners are on file. On the 10th of June 2015, the car was sold by a dealer specialized in classic cars to its current owner. The latter will undertake a complete res - toration of the vehicle and this without any cost limit. To do so, the car is sent to Maranello in Italy to obtain its Ferrari Classiche certification. Nothing was forgotten: the bodywork, uphols - tery, carpets, engine compartment, running gear, front trunk... the list of jobs performed is long and the result amazing! Of course, the engine and the gearbox are entirely original and simply reconditioned, as well as the whole electrical system. Sublime in its Argento medio Ferro color with a rare Daytona interior in black leather and light grey fabric (Pelle Nera/Stoffa), the interior has been completely reupholstered, taking care not to remove Jean-Paul Belmondo’s autograph on the driver’s side ashtray. On the 1st of October 2021, it will receive its Classiche Ferrari certifying its engine and gearbox number and - of course - its unquestionable authenticity. In total, the restoration of this car exceeds by far 250 000 €. The price of a legendary car... as is its second owner: L’Incorrigible, L’Alpagueur, Le Professionnel... The one and only «Bebel»!
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