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One of the most original Alfa Romeo TZ listed Part of Peter Kaus’ Rosso Bianco collection for almost 10 years Authenticated and restarted at RS Historics Unique opportunity to acquire a never crashed TZ with a clear history No registration title Chassis n° AR750091 Engine n° 00108 Body n° 818 The Alfa Romeo TZ is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful racing machines of any make ever produced during the 1960s. In order to perpetuate the reputation of the sporty versions of its Giulietta, the biscione brand decided in 1959 to start designing the SZ’s successor. Thus was born the 105.11 pro - ject that would generate the Alfa Romeo Giulia TZ, for Tubolare Zagato. Unlike the SZ, the TZ will be designed as a genuine competition car that will be homologated for the road, but also in GT thanks to the minimum of 100 examples produced (112 will finally be built). The chassis of the Alfa Romeo Giulia TZ was entrusted to two renowned engineers: Giuseppe Busso and Gioacchino Colombo, who had transferred from Ferrari where they worked on the 125 S. They chose a tubular structure (tubolare in Italian) in welded steel offering an ideal weight distribution and a weight of only 125 kg. It is equipped with disc brakes (inboard at the rear) and inde - pendent suspensions on all four wheels. The aluminum bodywork is once again entrusted to Zagato and its designer Ercole Spada, who carries out a thorough aerodynamic study. The result is a sobriety of lines synonymous with efficiency, from the slim grille to the rear end called «coda tronca», designed to improve aerodynamics and increase performance, a solution developed by Zagato for its racing cars based on the work of aerodynamicist Kamm. On the engine side, the TZ is equipped with Alfa Romeo’s famous in-line 4-cylinder, 8-valve, double overhead camshaft engine, with aluminum block and head, fed by two Weber double 40 carburetors. With a displacement of 1,570 cc, it develops 112 hp in its road version and 160 hp in its competition alter ego thanks to a dual ignition cylinder head, the famous Twin Spark. Weighing in at just 660 kg, it was capable of reaching a top speed of 216 km/h. Not having the capacity to produce the tubular chassis, Alfa Romeo will have its construction subcontracted by the SAI Ambrosini (Societa Aeronautica Italiana) in Passignano. The assembly will be entrusted to the company Auto Delta directed by the engineers Carlo Chiti and Ludovico Chizzola. Together they will help Alfa Romeo to complete the TZ project and build the first 100 cars. In May 1963, Auto Delta became the official Alfa Romeo racing department. In the same year, the car won its first race with a class victory at the Coppa FISA in Monza in the hands of Lorenzo Bandini, followed by another class victory at the 12 Hours of Sebring in 1964. The TZ won the 1964 Coupe des Alpes with Jean Rolland and Gaby Augias and went on to win its class several times between 1964 and 1967 in the most difficult and prestigious events such as the 24 Hours of Le Mans, the Targa Florio, the Nürburgring 1000 Km and the Tour de France Automobile. The opportunity to rediscover an Alfa Romeo Giulia TZ is extremely rare, especially when it has such a clear history as the one we are presenting for sale today. At first, several visual elements suggested that we were indeed in front of one of the most authentic TZ in the world. As our research progressed, this was confirmed. According to the certificate issued on September 30, 2019 by the Alfa Romeo Documentation Center, chassis AR 750091 left the Zagato workshops on April 2, 1965 in red with a black interior. Sold the very next day to a certain Giovanni Bellichi, it was sent to Milan. We know that it will change hands several times during the first ten years of its life, without ever leaving Italy. All this is confirmed by period Italian administration documents in our possession which will be entrusted to the buyer. On March 2, 1977, it was registered in Rome in the name of Girolami Vittorugo, a gentleman driver well known for having owned several Italian thoroughbreds. Our TZ, registered «Roma T02276», completes his garage and will stay next to a famous Ferrari 250 GT Tour de France aluminium (0667 GT) registered «Roma P16747» for more than six years. It is certainly at this period that the car is repainted in white and that the rear wheel arches are widened in order to participate in local races. Vittorugo parted ways with the car on March 17, 1983, joining the collection of Dutch dealer Rudy Pas a few years later, then von Wenger in Germany, before being purchased by the famous collector Peter Kaus. Known throughout the world for the quality of his «Rosso Bianco» collection, Kaus had assembled an exceptional collection of more than 200 of the most beautiful and rare sports cars. Although the collection was dispersed in 2006, the first part of the collection, composed exclusively of cars with Zagato bodies, was presented at auction in Paris on December 17, 1990. On that occasion, it was purchased by its second to last owner and jealously hidden away for almost 28 years. Untouched throughout this period, the car is identical in every respect to the photos taken 28 years earlier in the 1990 sales catalog (attached to the file, along with an exceptional catalog of original spare parts!) Since its rediscovery, the car was sent to RS Historics in Italy, a reputable specialist for this type of vehicle, in order to obtain a complete report on its condition and the possible modifications it would have received during its life. The verdict was clear: chassis, engine, gearbox, axle... the entirety of this car is conform and original. Of course, some elements like the steering wheel, the seats or the brakes have been replaced, but in the 1980s. After changing the ignition and the condenser, the engine could be started again without any difficulty. This Alfa Romeo Giulia TZ with its clear and unbroken history is a unique opportunity to acquire a so-called «Baby GTO», one of Zagato’s masterpieces and one of the most successful and competitive cars of its time.
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