ARAGON Louis (1897-1982)

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ARAGON Louis (1897-1982)
Ici Critique, autograph manuscript signed 1930. In-4, full soft black binding, five-ribbed spine, titled in gold, all mounted on tabs, gold titled slipcase (Arper, Geneva).
- This book was refused by Gallimard... 1 page in blue ink signed.
Aragon specifies that he would have opposed any edition of this manuscript ... "which will remain for me a stage of what brought me in the ranks of the Communist Party to be only a militant like another"...
- Contents. 1 page
- Dedication page stating that this manuscript belongs to his wife
Elsa Triolet. 1 page
- Title page
- Subtitle page
- Discovery of the New World. 9 pages with erasures and corrections, including small collages of printed texts and some additions to the in-4 pages, all in a tight handwriting.
- Body, soul and goods. Title page, 9 pages with erasures and corrections.
Manuscript relating to Robert Desnos' work, Corps et biens, for which Aragon expresses all his admiration. Aragon has crossed out his signature.
- Contribution to the abortion of Maldoronian studies. Title page, 6 pages with erasures and corrections. ... "If one has once thought the above, calming the packed sheep and the storm that was already coming down on the Tuileries basin, one will sit in the rocking chair, and without losing sight for a moment of the author's dialectical character, one will seize them one by one, by the foot, like medicinal flowers" ...
- The war in fashion. Title page, 4 pages in purple ink with erasures and corrections. Critical text on so-called war literature, especially that of Blaise Cendrars.
... "The author of J'ai tué, that brief and well-felt horror, has just signaled himself to us by publishing the memoirs of a man named Bringolf, a swindler..."
- Apologue-epilogue. ¼ of a page.
- A methodical policy. Title page, 9 pages in black ink with erasures and corrections. Manuscript dedicated to Paul Valéry: "it is the talent, it is the thought of Paul Valéry that earns him this small place apart that he is setting aside for himself, and which would be greater if it were up to him to institute this order from which he would benefit" ...
- Critique of the "Traité du Style". Title page, 14 pages in black ink.
Critical manuscript by Louis Aragon on his book Traité du style published in 1928 by Gallimard.
... "If the author of Traité du Style has flattered himself that by publishing this book he has made several ideological rectifications, he has certainly put his finger in his eye" ... ... "If he thought that the reader would take shame, and shame taken, would abandon the burlesque regions where the confounding cacti of bullshit grow, well my nephew." ...
EXCEPTIONAL AND PRECIOUS SET of manuscripts of great literary and political importance in the work of Louis Aragon.
This set, constructed and intended for publication, belonged to his wife Elsa Triolet.
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