1988 Peugeot 205 GTI Mi 16

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1988 Peugeot 205 GTI Mi 16

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Chassis n° VF320CD6201346913

Kurt Gutmann is a German tuner known for his body kits as well as for his engine and chassis preparations. After having prepared Talbots in the 70’s, he became interested in the 205 GTI with the objective to improve its performance. Over the years, several improvements were proposed to his customers, such as increasing the capacity of the first 1.6 l or adding a 16-valve cylinder head or a KKK turbo. The appearance of the 405 Mi 16 gave him new ideas as he integrated this engine into the 205 Mi 16. The result of his work on the small GTI will be the 205 i16V which with a reworked engine will offer a power of 170 hp.

The car we are presenting is originally a 205 GTI 1.9. It was sold in 1988 by the Peugeot Autohaus Koch dealership in Ludwigshafen, Germany. It then went to the workshops of Kurt Gutmann to be transformed into a 205 GTI Mi 16. This electric blue car is in its original configuration. It is equipped with the Turbo-Look kit, which is characterized by more wraparound bumpers and rocker panels combined with wider fenders. White spoked wheels complete the radical look. The interior features black leather upholstery, red carpets and a special Gutmann instrument panel. The speedometer backs are red and the speedometer is graduated up to 260 km/h. Under the bonnet is the 1.9 litre 16-valve XU9J4 engine from the 405 Mi16, which develops 160 hp. The rest of the mechanics have also been optimised as the suspension, front brakes, clutch and exhaust system have been replaced. The cost of such a preparation was very high at the time as it was close to the price of a new 205 GTI! This certainly explains the low distribution of this type of model. This car comes with its original Gutmann booklet listing all its technical characteristics. With its 900 kg and its 1.9 l of 160 hp this 205 is very powerful. As the Gutmann production was very limited, the 205 GTI Mi 16 is extremely rare on the market, so our example is an excellent opportunity to acquire a collector’s item straight out of the German wizard’s workshops.

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