ZOLA emile (1840-1902)

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ZOLA emile (1840-1902)
COLLECTION of autograph letters, coins and notes, many of them signed, and some documents from another hand, about his father, 1868-1899; 85 autograph pages in various formats, and 17 non-autograph pages, all tabbed and bound in a small volume in-4 half-maroquin purple (H. Jacquet-Riffieux). Very nice set of documents on his father François Zola. François Zola (Venice 1795-Marseille 1847) had joined the Foreign Legion in 1830, but had to resign in 1832, having been involved in a case of embezzlement, which ended in a dismissal. He became a civil engineer in Marseilles and designed several major projects, including dams and a water supply canal for the city of Aix-en-Provence, where he settled with his family in 1843. He died suddenly in 1847, leaving his family in debt. "My father passes like a shadow in the memories of my early childhood," Zola wrote. During the Dreyfus Affair, Zola took up the defense of her father, whose memory had been slandered. A. About a campaign in Aix-en-Provence, 1868. 5 BROUILLONS of autograph letters; and 4 letters addressed to Zola. (Here we follow the chronological order of the letters, not that of the binding). August 3], to REMONDET-AUBIN, director of the Aix Memorial (4 p. in-4). Zola protests against the refusal of the Memorial to insert his reply to a thread directed against himself. "Indeed, I suffered a barbarity in your house: I saw my father die there at work and then be stoned to death in his memory"? He vigorously blames the editor, then adopts an ironic tone to acknowledge that Le Mémorial "has not yet tried to erase my name from the covers of my books, as it has often erased it when talking about the Zola channel" . [August 3], to Léopold ARNAUD, director of Le Messager de Provence (1 p.). He asks him to insert the text of his letter to the Memorial, where he was attacked "with rudeness". [August 12], to REMONDET-AUBIN (8 p.). He notes in the Memorial an insulting sentence: ""Mr. Zola Jr. is abusing Mr. Zola Sr. a little too much."". How! You've already had enough of my complaints! But I'm only just beginning. So you have only understood that if I have kept silent for many years, it is because I have been waiting to be strong; I have been fighting for ten years, I have grown in work and courage, I have conquered my position by fighting every day against misery and despair. And today you would like to impose silence on me [...] Ah! you say that I abuse my father's name, on the day when for the first time I severely reproach you for forgetting. You lack tact, you lack heart"... [September 14], to the mayor and members of the municipal council of the city of Aix. "My father, Mr. François Zola, has endowed the city you represent with a canal. I will not remind you of his long approaches to the government, the struggles he had to support from the beginning, the successes he had obtained when death came to seize him, when he was going to carry out his project declared to be of public utility".... So that the creator of the canal that supplies Aix with water is not forgotten, his son asks for some tribute to his memory... [After December 19], to the Mayor and the members of the City Council of Aix. He received a copy of their deliberations and the decree by which they named the boulevard du Chemin Neuf after François Zola. "I knew that I would not recall my father's work, without your generosity being affected by the delays in rewarding the memory of a man who devoted himself to the interests of the citizens you represent. ... Please believe in my deepest gratitude. If I am not a son of your city, I grew up in Aix and I consider myself somewhat like his adopted child. Today, a new bond binds me strongly to her"... Letters addressed to Zola on the same subject by REMONDET-AUBIN (31 July 1868), L. MARGUERY (Aix, 1 August 1868 and Sunday), and Pascal ROUX, Mayor of Aix (6 November 1868, announcing the decision of the City Council to name Boulevard Zola). B. Letters to General de Galliffet and M. Waldeck-Rousseau, December 1899. MANUSCRIBED in part autographed and signed (18 p. in-4, 10 of which are in the hand of Mrs. Zola, who copied the two letters to Galliffet, at the bottom of which Zola affixed his signature, as well as the Minister's reply). This exchange of letters between Zola and the Minister of War, General de GALLIFFET, and the Minister of the Interior, WALDECK-ROUSSEAU, was published in L'Aurore of 19 December 1899 (the manuscript was cut out for printing and reassembled). 9 December, to General de GALLIFFET. "An editor of the Petit
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