VOLTAIRE (1694-1778)

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VOLTAIRE (1694-1778)

L.A.S. "Voltaire", Montrond 6 February [1756], to President Richard de RUFFEY, in Dijon; 2 pages in-4, address.
Nice letter to the President of the Academy of Sciences, Arts and Fine Arts of Dijon, on the distortion of his writings.
He is doubly flattered: "the verses you deign to address me are the best I have ever seen from you. You see that it is the obstacles that make for success, and that it is often from an ungrateful terrain that one makes the most of it". He would have liked to hear them from his own lips, but his "deplorable health" prevented him from doing so; but the Councillor le Bault "will put him in a state of good health if he continues to make me as cordial as his wine"... "The History of the War of 1741 of which you speak to me is a miserable rhapsody taken from a part of my manuscripts which were stolen from me. Everything is truncated and crippled. This so-called story only goes as far as the Battle of Fontenoy. A few years ago, my property was stolen in this way and distorted to sell it. They put under my name works that I don't know; they disfigure those that I have made. You have to be patient. There are greater evils in the world on land and sea"...
Correspondance (Bibl. de la Pléiade), t. IV, n° 4354 (p. 685)
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