VERLAINE PAUL (1844-1896)

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VERLAINE PAUL (1844-1896)

L.A.S. "Paul Verlaine", 23 August 1892, to Léon DESCHAMPS; 3 pages in-12.
His admiration for Baudelaire.
[On 1 August 1892, Léon Deschamps launched a subscription for a monument in homage to Baudelaire in the magazine La Plume. Rodin agrees to execute the work, medallion or bust. Verlaine agrees here to participate in the subscription. But, in September, Brunetière criticizes the project in the Revue des deux mondes. The polemic will last several months, and the project will not succeed. ] "By Jove! My dear Deschamps. Baudelaire was my dearest fanaticism in art, that is to say, will remain one of my best admirations"... He sends his adhesion, and takes the opportunity to announce that he is working "on a collection of Elegies, a complement to Chansons pour elle and Odes in her honour, to be published by Léon Vanier". He asks Deschamps to come and see him at the Broussais Hospital: "blood eruption, furuncle, independent of ancient rheumatism and diabetes, decidedly obvious".
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