VALÉRY Paul (1871-1945)

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VALÉRY Paul (1871-1945)

AUTHORIZED BOOKET, 1903; notebook in-12 (13 x 8 cm) of 18 ff , or about 29 pages in pencil, green moire cardboard.
Miscellaneous notes.
Besides geometrical diagrams and mathematical problems, bank accounts and situations, addresses (J.K. [Huysmans], Houssaye...), Valéry noted many thoughts and reflections: "I have noticed that the acquisition of all knowledge consists in the adoption of restrictions to walking or imaginative tablecloth"...; "Hamlet's monologues last, in truth, one second"; "Every entity is only an abbreviation, a designation of possible experiences"...; "G. belongs to that race of writers who are pleasant to read and sometimes endearing. But if one closes one's book, it does not resurrect by itself"; "The theatre is the mirror of the masses"...; "Beautiful verses constitute and destroy poetry"; "nietZscHe is a writer - a writer = a man whose fury makes one laugh, must make one laugh"; "The stupidity of groups. Idiots stick together"... Notes for his will to Master Josset: "I wish that after my death our children will be equal in rights" . Etc. Two sketches of an apartment plan.
PROVENANCE François VALÉRY, son of the poet (December 13, 2007, n° 155)
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