STENDHAL Henri Beyle (1783-1842)

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STENDHAL Henri Beyle (1783-1842)

L.A.S. "F. Brenier", [May 14, 1814], to his sister Pauline PÉRIERLAGRANGE at La Tour du Pin (Isère); 3 pages in-8, address (small tear due to broken stamp, thin paper with slight ransparency of ink).
Stendhal announces to his sister the end of his dreams of a career with the Restoration, and his departure for Italy.
"You will see, my dear Pauline, in today's paper, the total fall of my hope. Thus, we must finish. I'll go to Lyon in a month, from there to Genoa and Rome. I've written officially to Bastard [her father] to ask him for land rapp[ortan]t 2400F". He would like to give a general power of attorney to the public prosecutor Hélie. "I'm selling my furniture and my convertible. The proceeds from this sale give me the trip and a few months. Then the money Mr. Gagnon will pay. The difficult thing is to make the 37000F creditors here see reason. If you can get the bastard to be honest once in his life. We'll meet in Lyon at the end of June. But where are you still at the Plantier? Don't put me out of my misery. Pity will bring down hatred based on envy, and perhaps give a little shame to the Bastard, whom I hope never to see again, nor to Cularo [Grenoble] either". And he signs, as often, with a fancy pseudonym: "F. Brenier".
Correspondance générale, t. II, n° 987 (p. 542)
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