SAND George (1804-1876)

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SAND George (1804-1876)

2 L.A.S. "G. Sand" and "ta tante", 1859-1862, to his niece Léontine
SIMONNET in Montgivray; 2 pages in-8 each with her number and blue ink, envelope for the 1st.
[George Sand was always interested in his niece, daughter of his half-brother
Hippolyte, Léontine Chatiron, Mrs Théophile Simonnet, who, as a widow, courageously raised her three sons, René, Edme and Albert, whom Sand will always take care of attentively]. November 1st, 1859. She sent him the letter for René: "I do not know if the rule allows them other letters than those of the father and mother. You will send it to her. I am also sending you the one he had written to me and that I wanted to show you. It's very nice and very good. He's only making one mistake and you'll warn him if he does it again. It is to remove the ne of certain sentences and to say we have that, for we have only. - But for the rest, he expresses himself well and clearly and I assure you that he will become a charming boy. In chatting with him, I found only uprightness and kindness in his heart, affection for you and nothing that you feared". She asks him to stay free "for the 10th, 11th or 12th 9bre because we will have a beautiful performance" .
January 23rd 1862. "Dear child. I am sending you back René's letter and I am keeping his verses as you authorize me. It is not the age when one makes beautiful verses, and one probably only asks him for them in order to teach him the rules. He will therefore have to be made to observe a fault, and even better to tell him that there is one, and that he will have to find it himself. His letter is kind and good-hearted. It was to be feared that this gentle nature might be absorbed by the priestly spirit, and I see with pleasure that his natural generosity is not. It is a good and brave child who will make you happy."
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