SAINT-EXUPÉRY Antoine de (1900-1944)

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SAINT-EXUPÉRY Antoine de (1900-1944)

AUTHORIZED MANUSCRIPT with DRAWING; 4 in-4 pages filled with small tight writing (marginal stapled trace).
Unpublished text, based on the account of a strange crime.
The manuscript, in black ink, is traced in a cursive writing, difficult to decipher. There are some erasures and corrections. In the upper left-hand corner of the third page, a drawing in ink and red and blue pencils of a character who looks like the Little Prince. We can only give a few excerpts from this text, which is sometimes speculative.
"I remember a crime that impressed me [...] a crime without a body and without a murderer. The body had already been taken away, hidden away as in ancient legend. And there was just enough blood on the pavement to serve as a sign. It was about eleven o'clock in the evening in a small provincial town. I was going back to the hotel ... I was walking fast and it was cold. The footsteps sounded clear under the stars"... Then came the arrival of the police, who "reduced this crime to an administrative action [...] in their profession as civil servants"...; people gathered and exchanged words about this crime.... The surgeon who is going to operate on the patient in the hospital: "And the patient will utter a loud cry that the surgeon will not hear [...] because his thought goes higher and goes over this cry. ...] The surgeon hears this scream and gives a slight smile. He will heal this man"... Etc
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