ROMAINS JULES (1885-1972)

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ROMAINS JULES (1885-1972)
AUTHORIZED MANUSCRIPT, La Poésie Immédiate, [1909]; 28 pages petit in-4, bound in one volume petit in-4 maroquin janseniste bleu nuit, inner frame with 3 gilt filets, bordered case (H. Lapersonne "L'Auto") (printer's marks, spine of past bindings). Beautiful text on new poetry. This lecture, given at the Salon d'automne, was published in the magazine Vers et Prose, t. XIX, October-December 1909. The manuscript was used for printing in the review; it contains erasures and corrections. Jules Romains begins by retracing the literary events of 1909, in which poetry plays a major role, particularly through polemics and various schools. Beyond the followers, he focuses on "poets who do not imitate. They are their soul. They are sincere"... Next to the attitude of the scientist, that of the "decorator artist", Romans celebrate "that of the poet, the musician, the god who grasps things, from within, through immediate knowledge, who is conscious, and who has the value of an absolute. The poet, the musician, the god, instead of measuring the surface and the weight of things like the scientist, instead of associating colours and lines like the decorator and the flower girl, possesses them, without convention or caprice, like a man possesses his hatred or his hope. ...] All great poetry seems to me to be the immediate knowledge of a soul. But there is not only the strictly human soul"... Jules Romains then presented some poets (his lecture was followed by a reading of poems), representative, despite their diversity, of this immediate poetry: "If you listen to their verses a little beyond the words, you will feel that by digging each one as they please and with their tool, they have all reached the great underground spring which makes the elixir of the little bottles seem bland"; they are "original artists who have not passed on the regulatory whitewash of a School to their work", who form "the internal order, and so to speak, the framework of our time": Guillaume APOLLINAIRE, Georges DUHAMEL, Max JACOB, etc. An L.A.S. was linked at the top to an editor of the Revue des Lettres et des Arts, August 22 [1908] (3 p. in-8)
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