PAGNOL MARCEL (1895-1974) L.S. "Marcel Pagnol",... - Lot 180 - Aguttes

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PAGNOL MARCEL (1895-1974) L.S. "Marcel Pagnol",... - Lot 180 - Aguttes
PAGNOL MARCEL (1895-1974) L.S. "Marcel Pagnol", Paris October 27, 1931, to Guillaume BESNARD, general agent of the Société des Auteurs et Compositeurs dramatiques; 2 pages in-4 dactyl. He asks him to solve a conflict between RAIMU and Léon VOLTERRA, director of the Théâtre de Paris where Marius is played. Pagnol had asked for the termination of Raimu who "farted in the street saying: "Voilà pour Monsieur Pagnol""; but Volterra, who did not want to do without Raimu, ended up terminating him because he was going to have dinner "with chickens" instead of playing at the theater. Pagnol "has been trying for a week to reconcile Monsieur Raimu and Monsieur Léon Volterra, who got angry over some insults that are not new [...] since they have been quarrelling for 10 years and a month". Because he wants to see his play Fanny, with Raimu as César, at the Théâtre de Paris. "Try to settle this affair as well as possible".
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