HUGO Victor (1802-1885)

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HUGO Victor (1802-1885)

L.A.S. "Victor Hugo", H.H. [Hauteville House] June 25 [1865?], to Eugene
RASCOL; 2 pages in-8 on blue paper.
Against the death penalty.
[Eugene RASCOL was editor of the Courrier de l'Europe, a weekly published in London.] "Would you allow me to abuse you for two favors.
[Eugene RASCOL] 1° If you know where Freemasons' Magazine lives and lives, send him this letter. 2° - big service to be rendered to a young and handsome talent. Mr. E. PILOTELL, a Parisian painter of great future, has made a very beautiful drawing on the death penalty; it is dramatic and gripping; but gripping to the point of being seized. Hence the terror of the publishers in Paris who dare not publish this print. Do you know a publisher in London who would be braver? To buy this drawing from Mr. Pilotell, and to publish it, would be to render two services, one to talent, the other to human life. Good England is terribly wrong at the moment with its hanging behind closed doors. Nothing more hideous. You have eloquently and valiantly protested"... He's leaving for Brussels, and will return to Guernsey in October, where he's waiting for Rascol: "Your place is always set, you know, at my family table"... [The painter and press cartoonist Georges Labadie, known as PILOTELL (1844-1918), replaced André Gill at L'Éclipse and unsuccessfully founded the Gamin de Paris (1866) and La Feuille (1867). Very active with the insurgents during the Commune, founding La Caricature politique, he then had to live in exile and died in London].
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