FLAUBERT Gustave (1821-1880)

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FLAUBERT Gustave (1821-1880)

L.A.S. "Gve Flaubert ou Follbert", Damascus 2 September 1850, to Camille ROGIER; 1 page in-4 (slight cracks well repaired).
Amusing letter from the trip to the Orient.
It is addressed to the cartoonist Camille ROGIER (1810-1896), then director of the post office in Beirut, a friend of Gérard de Nerval.
"Vieux de la vieille C'est caca tout plein de ne pas se trouver à Damas, comme nous l'y attend; qué que t'at donc? The young man from the Camp, who is currently afflicted with a head cold that makes his nose look like a hot pissing pecker, asks Mr Rogier, director of the post office, to advance him the necessary sum to be franked, and to frank the letter addressed to Mr Fréd. Fouard. We'll be here for eight days. We expect to be back in Beirut from the 20th to the 25th of this month. The problem is that we'll have to leave again"... The second signature "Follbert" is adorned with fancy initials.
In the margin, a small autograph note signed by Maxime DU CAMP.
Correspondance (Pléiade), t. V, p. 953.
EXHIBITION Gustave Flaubert, Bibliothèque nationale, 1980, n° 140.
PROVENANCE Collection Daniel Sickles (XV, 6350)
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