colette (1873-1954)

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colette (1873-1954)

19 L.A.S. "Colette", 1928-1937, to Marthe RÉGNIER; 31 pages mostly in-4 on blue paper to her addresses (9 rue de Beaujolais, Claridge, Immeuble Marignan, 33 Champs-Élysées, La Treille muscate,), 17 envelopes enclosed.
Nice intimate letters to the actress Marthe Régnier(1880-1967).
Colette calls her "Marthamour", "Marthe de mon cœur", "Martheke" or "Martinka" .
She leaves "for Luxembourg, Liège and Verviers - all places where orange trees bloom and where the breeze blows the bananas into the blue air"... - "Martha of my heart, of our hearts, I left a flu in the south. Another one, very fresh, was waiting for me on my return. It's funny.
Temperature, aches, discomfort. For three days, I have been a delicate flower lying down by the storm"... - "How charming you are on stage! And this forest of curly hair, and this head carriage that defies God's thunder. Ah! live the good breed ponies, I'm really fed up with all these big slapped mares that we see everywhere"... - "I love you with all my heart and I embrace you, and I'm proud that you read me "out loud." But if you have the nerve to call me "ma'am," your ass will be leathery!"... - "Here are some "flowers from my garden", for your beautiful soft cheek, for your bright mouth!"... - "Often I get bored after you. That laughter, that unrivalled nose, that bored look in your eyes, you never bring them to me!"... -
La Treille muscate, the letter begins on a postcard "ravishing, and of perfect taste. I ask you to notice the red dots that change into mandarin trees throughout the plant kingdom. And then you see neither the sea, nor the little pine wood, nor the nice village garden! [...] I work like a foot, so badly that it disgusts me. But it's such a beautiful day! The sunrise here is dripping with dew, and there is no end to the baths"... Etc
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