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L.A.S. "Chamfort de l'Acad. françoise", Paris 15 April [1787]; 2 and a half pages in-4.
Open letter to challenge the Lettre d'un Anglais à Paris.
"You know that some time ago a brochure entitled, Lettre d'un Anglois a Paris, was published on the assembly of notables. It has come back to me that several people attribute this production to me. I merely assured my friends that I was not the author [...]. I have continued to neglect this noise, if I do not learn that in a few days time there will be an answer to the letter in question and that this answer is addressed to me as to the real author of the English letter. I warn the writer, whoever he may be, that while city noises can sometimes excuse indiscretion in words, they can never justify imprudence in actions. I therefore dare to invite my alleged correspondent to change the title of his brochure, even though this change would mean that the work would have to be free of good personalities, excellent sarcasms and other great beauties of the Poleic kind".
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