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Autograph MANUSCRIPT, for Nord (1960); 4 pages in-4 in blue pencil, paginated from 1059 to 1062. Working manuscript of a sequence from the novel, numbered 30 in red pencil, with numerous erasures and corrections. This passage relates to the stay at the manor house of Zornhof, with "la Vigue" (the actor Le Vigan). It corresponds to pages 574-575 of the edition of La Pléiade. "I must say I was worried... more precisely about La Vigue... funny he was... always funny... but when I came back from this excursion he seemed even more baroque than when I left... I didn't sleep much, by eclipses as soon as he was in the murderer's room, not one or two [...] - You're kidding La Vigue. I'm not a rat, I'm me and I'm telling you to sit down! He's standing on his mattress and makes gestures with his arms that I scare him... that I'm a monster... that I'm going to eat him up. But no, La Vigue! I'm Ferdinand! [...] He looked all undone with his hair up his nose... his face sticky with sweat." The double carbon is attached to these pages...
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