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L.A.S. "LFCeline", Copenhagen 1 April 1947, [in Milton HINDUS]; 3 and a half in-4 pages on paper with file holes (yellowed paper, crumpled edges and small cracks repaired).
[Milton HINDUS (1916-1998), a young professor at the University of Chicago, had entered into correspondence with Celine, and had signed the American petition in her favour.] "Dear Master, please be assured that your intervention was decisive in Mikkelsen's legal battle on my behalf. Your name has had a royal effect! At a time when we no longer have kings to render justice and mercy, it is necessary that the masters of the bar and especially of the USA take the place of kings in the exercise of high justice! Your petition will hopefully trigger the decision of release". He asks for additional copies: "I will make great use of it with my defenders in Paris who are also waiting for a great example from across the Atlantic". He hopes one day to be able to go with his wife to New York to express their gratitude to him: "First of all, we must survive or rather escape from this spell of horror in which the unfortunate are, as it were, buried from a certain point of their fall.... It's not a descent, it's a burlesque plunge into hell."
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