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L.A.S. "LF Destouches", [Copenhagen Prison] 8 April 1946, to his lawyer Thorvald MIKKELSEN; 2 pages in-4 on pink letterhead from Københavns Fængsler Prison, Vestre Fœngsel.
Prison letter.
Céline sends her lawyer an echo of L'Humanité, "the French communist newspaper, the meanest, the most aggressive, the most "purifying"", about the historian Octave AUBRY who will enter the French Academy
French: "Mr. Aubry was a notorious "collaborator" and petainist [...] You see that there is a double standard, here I am in prison for 4 months, sick and ready to die, having never been a collaborator"... He begs to intercede with the inspector so that he can be given the books that his wife brings him: "These are your Memoirs from Beyond the Grave! ...] May the inspector grant me this favour! The French books and newspapers! I'm a bookmaker!
I have three books at home in my cell. An anthology, a collection of verses, and Voltaire's Henriade. I wouldn't want to give them back, but they serve me for work. And if I work I think less about my sufferings which are perpetual day and night"...
Prison letters n° 41
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