BARRÈS Maurice (1862-1923)

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BARRÈS Maurice (1862-1923)

30 L.A.S. "Barrès" or "Maurice Barrès" 1887-1923 and n.d.; 30 pages in various formats, most of them with a Chamber of Deputies letterhead, one La Cocarde letterhead.
He invites a friend to drop by Lemerre's to pick up a Barbarian for an article . He deplores "the intolerable process of the interviewers"... To Jules BOIS, to send him Le Jardin de Bérénice (1891)... Sending an article where he speaks "without embarrassment", with amusing anecdotes... He suggests the title Le Tombeau d'Ernest Psichari au seuil de la forêt des Ardennes (The Tomb of Ernest Psichari at the Threshold of the Ardennes Forest) (around 1920)... Regret of not being able to attend the general rehearsal of Hippolyte couronnée [de Jules Bois] (March 1905)... He thanks J. Bois for "useful lines" (April 1908), a "beautiful, friendly, efficient article" (March 1, 1909), a "charming poem" and his friendship (April 28, 1910)...
Sending a lady a little note for Charles Foley (May 28, 1912)...
Thanking Joséphin Péladan for his approval (November 9, 1914)...
On the collection De l'arrière à l'avant [from behind to in front] [by Charles CHENU], which refers to "so many days when we have felt with one heart the worst anguish, and then the greatest hope. I understand well the feeling of gratitude and admiration with which you dedicate these pages to your sons. For 20 months they have been among those who by the noblest spirit of sacrifice have saved and maintained France" (March 6, 1916) . Pride "in the approval given to me by the Federation of National Leagues" (2 September 1919)...
On the status to be given to the Rhineland: "there can be no question of evacuating before the Reich has given full satisfaction and fulfilled all its commitments. On this, from now on, the governmental doctrine of France is fixed and justified by the treaty" (July 1, 1921) .
Thanks, congratulations, condolences, regrets, appointments, etc.
A l.s., 2 letters by a secretary, and 2 invitation cards are attached.
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