ARAGON Louis (1897-1982)

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ARAGON Louis (1897-1982)

L.A.S. "Aragon", July 28 [1945, to André ROUSSEAUX]; 1 page and a half in-4.
Discussion about Charles PÉGUY and Victor HUGO: "Péguy discussed the Jerimadeth coup.... and I know that he loved Hugo, and that he defended him, and I know and often reread these admirable pages of Victor-Marie... and Clio [...] I did not want to accuse Péguy of anything in relation to Hugo"... He has missed BERNANOS, and will leave for Switzerland... "Elsa and I had fled Paris made unbearable by the Goncourt [The first hitch costs two hundred francs from Elsa
Triolet had won the Goncourt prize in 1944]. A stay in occupied Germany, free zone, would be better than this not very honourable mention. "Ah, my poor friend, what we are doing in the name of our country! And the disastrous blindness, the stupid inertia, the total incomprehension of the role of the French"... He complains about the silence of the critics on his book
Servitude and Grandeur of the French: "But as I weigh 62 kgs, for 75 before the war and 69 in September, I'm going to spend my bile on milk, chocolate, Swiss nescafe"
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