APOLLINAIRE Guillaume (1880-1918)

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APOLLINAIRE Guillaume (1880-1918)

L.A.S. "Guillaume Apollinaire", Nîmes 4 February 1915, [to his friend Louise FAURE-FAVIER]; 2 pages in-4 with Café Tortoni letterhead (small cracks with repaired folds, small yellowing).
On his next departure for the war as a gunner.
He would like André [Billy] to get him "an order for an article from time to time; it would do me a favor. I'm so used to barracks life that I feel like I've always been a soldier. In spite of the tough side of the job, I'm still as cheerful as ever, as are all my comrades. I think, as far as I can tell, in 1 month ½ I'll be leaving for the fire and we won't be dragged along as soon as we are in a position to command. I never imagined this destiny. ...from what the depot commander said, I will be ordered to fire in about 15 days, 8 rounds of 90 shells. You can see that I'm no longer in the simple operations of the servant, I'm pointing like a master pointer. At least for the 75, because for the 90 and the 120 I know less about them, although we don't have any ammunition here for the 75. ...] I am not afraid and yet the first time I heard the gun it made me feel unpleasant, it was the 90, it seems that the 75 is even more unpleasant, but as a gun it is very pleasant to handle, ... The 120 is deep and pleasant. [...] Life is therefore still quite pleasant. The annoying thing is to saddle up, cork up and learn interior service"...
Correspondance générale, t. 2, n° 725
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