MASSENET Jules (1842-1912)

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MASSENET Jules (1842-1912)

7 L.A.S. "J. Massenet", Fontainebleau and Paris 1877-1881 and n.d., to Jules BORDIER, Angers; 14 pages in-8 or in-12, 6 envelopes.
[The conductor Jules BORDIER (1846-1896) had founded and directed the Artistic Association of Angers].] July 28th, 1877. "I am deeply flattered by your proposal - you think of my name in the composition of the inaugural programme [of the Artistic Association of Angers]! 27th October 1877. "You are too charming to tell me about the good reception given to my music - I am very touched. The intermission must have a dark and desperate look - very sad and dramatic - and the immediate contrast with the dance of the Saturnalia with its ardent joy. How I would like to come!"... 6th August 1878. My work, which I [could not] finish anywhere else than at home in the midst of my habits (!), my work," I said, "will direct my little errands until I leave for Bologna and Vienna. ... I am cloistered in my little house...". January 8, 1880: "Thank you, dear friend, for the excellent news given to me by next Sunday's program. Dear Lelong will conduct it with passion [...] - I am already sure of his good feelings for me! - My wishes of success for your already applauded piece"... November 17, 1880: "I have just arrived from Lille where I conducted a great festival - sorry for the delay in thanking you for your gracious sending - this song is so melodic and of such distinguished feeling"... February 11th 1881. "I think I'll see Column this week and I won't forget to remind him of your Serbian Suite as well as the Ministry"... Etc
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