PISSARRO Camille (1830-1903)

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PISSARRO Camille (1830-1903)
L.A.S. "C. Pissarro", Eragny-Bazincourt May 8, 1900, to M. CONTET; 2 pages in-8. Nice letter to his color dealer. He still has "a few canvases of 30", and orders canvases of 30, 25 and 15; "only one of 30 landscapes is enough [...] I found here many colors only send me the 12 whites, 2 veronese, 4 chrome. You are right to think that the veronese changes, but as long as the agreement remains, that is the main thing, I have here in front of me canvases of 1868 which certainly have lost the sour side of the veronese green and chrome yellow, but keep the overall tone which becomes warmer. It is a question of using pure mixed colours such as RENOIR or very mixed or grey on the whole, but very much observed as values, in this case there is little disadvantage. I was surprised to see at the centenale [centennial exhibition at the Grand Palais, a retrospective of 19th century French art ] how well we stood next to each other, even the Renoirs and Cézannes stood next to Monet, Sisley and me who are grey. [...] We could have done better, but it's already not too bad for us"... He adds: "I'm drinking the spring, it's when it's green vero, and sour !!... fortunately time is calming it down"...
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