PISSARRO Camille (1830-1903)

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PISSARRO Camille (1830-1903)
L.A.S. "C. Pissarro", London June 12, 1892, to Claude MONET; 3 pages in-8. About the loan Monet grants to Pissarro to enable him to buy his house in Éragny-sur-Epte. He thanks him for his readiness to help him, as he too has "no idea about mortgage loans and I think it would be simpler for us to arrange it together". He tells his wife that Monet has the sum of 15,000 francs at his disposal; he asks her to keep the sum ready and to inform him of the date of the payment In exchange, Pissarro cordially agrees to pawn his painting of The Picking of the Peas to her: "As for the women picking peas; it's too flattering for me not to be sensitive to it. Moreover, I was annoyed to have refused it to you, I gave it to my wife with the condition that I would give it to Luxembourg at some point if I or you were asked. Certainly my wife will consent to that. Too bad Luxembourg is too late, I'll be delighted if it's at a friend's house. There, my old comrade, we shall all be happy. It is kind of you to wait until the business is going well, but it is no safer than that, my dear, I am so clumsy in business, I have such a fear of devein that I would not want to miss you. At last!!! It's a funny idea for my wife to want to buy the house, but I'd feel remorse if I denied her."
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