MONET Claude (1840-1926)

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MONET Claude (1840-1926)
L.A.S. "ton vieux Claude", Christiania 9 February 1895, to SA FEMME ALICE; 6 pages in-8 with Giverny letterhead (some red pen marks). Nice letter about his stay in Norway. He thanks her for her letters. "Don't torment yourself, I am doing wonderfully and so is your Jacques", but worries about his son Jean's accident and Suzanne's fluxion. "Apart from that I can see that everything is going well in Giverny, despite the cold, but you'll soon have spring after that. Here the cold becomes extremely sharp. The minimum in Christiania is 10 below at noon and 25 to 30 at night, but in the places we travelled during these 4 to 5 days in the mountains we always had in the daytime between 20 and 30 and the surprise of the Norwegians is great to see me endure this and especially to see me in Norway in winter. They can't believe it. Besides, if I suffer from one thing it's rather from the heat in the houses, in the railways. In the sleigh where we stayed until 6 hours in a row I was only cold in the face that we had after a certain time covered with ice, the frozen eyelashes. We had good hoes, dressed like real rabbits and wrapped in huge bear skins". They travelled through "beautiful pine forests [...] where there are no villages, you find a cottage from time to time, it's a stopover for horses and people. We are all surprised to enter real living rooms, to be received by civilized, kind and gracious people, happy to offer you hospitality. What beautiful things seen there, from the top of these mountains peaking on huge lakes entirely taken and covered with snow, we had in these places more than a meter and our sleigh was sliding on it, the sweaty horse all covered with frost and ice like us. I also saw huge waterfalls of one hundred meters but completely frozen, it's extraordinary. [...] In short, the disappointment of the arrival was followed by a continuous amazement". But he's been given too much attention in the newspapers and cafés. "There is talk of a banquet that the painters and writers want to offer me [...] but I hope to cut it short [...] I'm thinking of getting to work on Monday or Tuesday, first in the area around here, and then in the mountains where I'll be living for a few days. I'll get ready for that, as it has to be hermetically sealed".
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