LAURENCIN Marie (1883-1956)

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LAURENCIN Marie (1883-1956)
7 L.A.S. "Marie Laurencin" or "Marie", 1952-1955, to Roger NIMIER; 19 pages in-12, envelopes. Monday morning [July 7, 1952]. "So Me Maurice Garçon's plea for the apartment. The opposing party found that it was out of malice that I wanted to go home and even more absurd - that I was not French!" . She sent him a photo "Three great French women" (her, Colette and A. de Noailles). "Work. It was a pleasure to see you the other day. I say this because you are young. I hardly noticed my youth - neurasthenia and unsatisfied desires - especially I was ugly" . October 24th. She's a little bored of having to prove that she's lived at 7 rue Masseran since '44. "Gaston [Gallimard] has to give me a letter of domicile certificate, so to speak. Well - the Parinaud interview in Arts impressed me. I'm afraid of JOUHANDEAU now and especially of Parinaud. Yesterday evening Ballets les pieds des danseuses is what I watch the most"... December 26. She suffers from bronchitis, and not having the apartment she is entitled to. "One consolation - for some people I'm still an old Favorite. [...] It's nice what you write about Favorites. We should write a book about them together."... January 3, 1953. "Jean Lambert found a letter from André GIDE addressed to me and not a letter that would have mountains beaten in all honor naturally we were very friends. I was the first to leave. André Gide had other ideas that I could not accept"... She is disappointed by the New N.R.F. : "they all talk about painting - even Montherland with his taste of pig - he only loves Mariette Lydis and mixes with a great Spanish painter"... January 14th. She read the "extraordinary and so alive" pages of the Journal de LÉAUTAUD in La Parisienne: he is "the only writer who makes me tremble not with hope but with understanding"... April 11, 1955. "I read and reread the short story and felt more and more incapable of illustrating it. Too much movement. I am tired - and why don't you use the drawings I gave you. In my opinion they are better than what I will do to you now"... - "A stay in Montreux is excellent for your health. Ingres' violin with old N.R.F. writings gave pocket money also Swiss trains rides on the lake and especially the bus in Montreux roller coaster - and cups of chocolate"...
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