GERICAULT Théodore (1791-1824)

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GERICAULT Théodore (1791-1824)
L.A., August 17 [1822?], to Mrs. TROUILLARD, remaining post office in Dieppe; 3 pages in-4, address (slight wetness, small tear at one corner without missing). Very beautiful and rare love letter to his mistress. "One does not remake oneself, and once in this world education and the desire to please can add very little to the qualities we have received at birth, and I doubt that we can change our bad inclinations any more, the only reasonable party is to use all this in such a way as not to harm anyone. Are you wise in desiring me to be more tender, and what do you mean by tenderness, do you think you can help me to acquire what you think I am lacking? I would answer for my constancy in following your advice and I feel capable of a thousand efforts to please you, but what would you gain by it? And I would not lose yet, for if you do not find in me that tender and true feeling which draws all its grace from the heart and which study cannot give, would not some ridiculous affectation offer you compensation, would not it rather draw on me your hatred and a just indignation, for sincerity must please you above all else. Weigh well what I say to you, my good friend, and try to love me a little as I am, and do not attach too much value to certain expressions which seem to me more trivial than tender. Yes, my dear little one, you are so charming and so kind when you are inspired by pleasure and enthusiasm, which usually displeases me. that your caresses are precious, that your breath is sweet! that your arms&c - all these words that escape in drunkenness would not lose all their spiciness if one got used to saying write to me more often, give me my hat, go away, send me oysters as often as possible. I will not insist any more on this point, your good taste will tell you better than I could do all the reasons why I prefer you"... This is neither a sign of coldness nor indifference... Some work will force him to leave his little room; "the little staircase that led you to me will be completely demolished". He will therefore go to the country for a month. He promises his friend some lithographs for her pretty English girls. He finishes ardently: "come back to me more beautiful if it is possible but always faithful and gracious. I do not like at all these movements of blood of which you speak to me and that you regret to see useless holding the sea is not at all a tranquilizing thing and all these ardours there, but.... finally... after all, I hope that he.... still and that he ... nothing on my side. .... english.... revenge"
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