GERICAULT Théodore (1791-1824)

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GERICAULT Théodore (1791-1824)
L.A., "3 heures du matin" [20 June 1822], to Mme TROUILLARD, "Rue Chantereine 10. Faubourg Montmartre"; 2 pages ¾ in-8, address. Beautiful and very rare love letter to his mistress. "Here is the charming hour when the fortunate lover rests delightfully in the arms of his mistress, whom the memory of pleasure still seems to stir, his dreams are also happiness for her. Let us not disturb them. We have enough to do. I'll speak low, listen to me without making noise. Last night I thought I saw you, dreams deceive us, they flatter us, you may know it. I was making my first visit to you, it is always polite to begin, how beautiful you seem to me! How little friendship seems to me to offer you, I blush without daring to speak, for all the follies went through my head at once, friendship! I will not tell you again, though sleep makes all excusable, but that it would be easy for you to imagine my trouble, if I could describe all the graces of a beautiful body softly stretched out on a bed of down, and that a fine and light tunic envelops without hiding its contours; if I could tell you also all the charm of two lazy arms which try to support a beautiful head which sleep numbs and whose ebony hair so well enhances its whiteness. I have seen more than all that, will I be wrong to admit it, has benevolence and friendship ever troubled the heart?" . With the awakening, all illusions have disappeared, and he will consider himself happy if he doesn't seem a bad joker, or some dwarf we are having fun with... "Would I like a fool full of pride and vanity to throw myself at your feet, lay a burlesque love at your feet, and comically offer you wishes you don't even pretend to have. Or would I, confident in my mind, go and show you my stupidity or just make you see my person because you imagined her to be beautiful or something like that? Oh no, no, and if knowing how to appreciate oneself at its true value is a quality I have this one, I believe and have nothing more that can flatter the fantasies of a woman. Moreover I am quite constant when I get attached and very faithful, if one insists on it, I hate intrigues that I have to pay for, but I love above all a tender trade, which allows good conversation, I love many things still, always without agitation and without trouble, rest and calm are ordered to me. You will not doubt any more that I must be very sensitive to the generous and devoted friendship that you so prettily propose to me, in spite of the singular and strange expression of these beautiful black eyes that frighten all painters"... We enclose 2 autograph letters from Mrs. TROUILLARD addressed to Géricault, rue des Martyrs n° 23 (3 p. in-8, and 1 p. in-8 with address): reproaches, and loving protests
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