DELACROIX Eugène (1798-1863)

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DELACROIX Eugène (1798-1863)
L.A.S., Ems 3 August [1850], to his friend Charles SOULIER; 4 pages in-8. Magnificent letter on RUBENS. He went to take the waters in Belgium and then in Switzerland, which only half succeeded, but "the mountain air and the exercise did me all the necessary good and especially the sight of the paintings whose road is sown". He writes to ViLLot to encourage him to go and see the paintings of ruBens, on the occasion of the sale of the king of Holland: "Neither you nor he suspects what Rubens are. You don't have in Paris what you can call masterpieces. I had never before seen those from Brussels that were hidden when I came to the country. There are still some I have yet to see because he has put them everywhere: finally tell yourself, brave Crillon, that you don't know Rubens and believe in my love for this furious man. You only have Rubens in the toilet, whose soul is in a sheath. It is here that you must see the lightning and the thunder at the same time" . He won't have time to go and see the collection in The Hague before it is dispersed: "I'm going to console myself with the Rubens from Cologne and Mechelen that I haven't seen yet. I would go to the moon if I thought I'd find such rubens. He will learn German "to go one of these days to Munich, where there are about sixty of them, and to Vienna, where it is also raining. How they neglect to acquire the Miracles of St. Benedict at the Museum. Here is something in small dimensions that, together with the fair, would fill our gaps. But as for the great Rubens, unless Belgium goes bankrupt, we will never have the great Rubens. Don't you think I'm young again? It's not the waters: it's Rubens who made this miracle. Whenever I've been bored, I've only had to think of it to be happy."
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