BARTHOLDI Auguste (1834-1904)

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BARTHOLDI Auguste (1834-1904)
L.A.S. "Bartholdi", January 28, 1903, to a friend; 3 pages in-8. About his Monument to the aeronauts of the siege of Paris. This project is decried by the Mayor of Montmartre: "He makes approaches to the City, writes in the newspapers [...], as if it was only a question of disposing of this work. ...] it is not very wise for him to do so without taking into account the Initiative Committee, without knowing the work, without knowing the author's thoughts. [...]. It would have been courteous on his part to at least ask to see the work and to come to an agreement with the artist who invented it and who formulated the thought and made it executable. If M. le Maire causes conflicts in the city and does not take our thoughts into account, he exposes himself to difficulties". Bartholdi is threatening to withdraw from the project with all his subscribers, as he cannot accept that this is what is happening: "I'd rather resign and drop everything"... He hopes that his correspondent will be able to make the Mayor of Montmartre see reason... The monument, formerly located at the Porte des Ternes and melted down under the Vichy regime, was of great importance to Bartholdi, who would have designed it while he was on guard at the fortifications in 1871. According to his first project, the monument would have been placed at the top of the hill Montmartre, from which Gambetta had flown, but difficulties with the municipality forced him to give it up. After his death, the monument was completed by Hubert-Louis Noël and inaugurated in 1906].
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