MAI trung THU (1906-1980)

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MAI trung THU (1906-1980)

Le sommeil, 1943
Encre et couleurs sur soie, signée
et datée en haut à droite
36.8 x 50.7 cm - 14 1/2 x 20 in.
Ink and color on silk, signed and dated upper right

Une attestation d'inclusion au catalogue raisonné de l'artiste actuellement en préparation par Charlotte Reynier-Aguttes sera remise à l'acquéreur

Galerie d'art Pasteur, Alger-Oran, Algérie
Collection privée (acquis auprès du précédent vers 1943-1945)
Puis par descendance, Paris

Vers 1943-45, Algérie, Galerie d'Art Pasteur, Exposition Maï Thu, Le Pho, Vu Cao Dam, Peintures Indochinoises

Embodying oriental sensuality, odalisques have always been objects of fantasy. From the fleshy young women of François Boucher to the beautiful languid women of Eugène Delacroix or Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres, the female body is revealed, adorned with a few attributes. Projected in the intimacy of the stage, the spectator's mind is invited to escape into the mysterious world of the harems. In Le Sommeil, Mai Thu manages to introduce a Sino-Vietnamese touch into this timeless subject with the allure of a dreamy Orient. The fine features of the young woman, her ebony hair, her porcelain com­plexion but also her slender forms evoke the women of the artist's native country. With a refined and applied brush, Mai Thu manages to recreate the hushed atmosphere of this closed place. The delicate celadon-domi­nated palette invites the viewer to daydream. The intimacy of this scene is reinforced by the finely transparent veils. The half-closed eyes, carelessly fanning out, this deliciously indolent young woman offers to the indis­creet eye an image of great finesse. The Western representation of a subject evoking the fantasized East through the technique of a Vietnamese artist allows the creation of an original and remarkable work.

The delicate celadon-dominated palette invites the viewer to d
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