1988 - Citroën AX Turbo 1.6 Superproduction

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1988 - Citroën AX Turbo 1.6 Superproduction
Competition car sold without registration title. We invite you to contact our team in order to consult the files of each vehicle presented.   Racing car only Non registered vehicle The best of the 4 "Factory" cars Unique model, ex. Jean-Pierre Jarier In the same hands for 24 years Ready to hit the track During the 1980s, touring car cham - pionships were hugely popular in Europe. The German DTM, the British BTCC and the French Superpro - duction gave manufacturers, supported by their dealers, the opportunity to showcase their innovative technologies. The AX Turbo Superproduction program was launched in 1987, one year only after the presentation of the small car at the Paris Motor Show. The choice was daring but judicious: Citroën engineers dreamed of seeing a car half the size of the Audi 200 Quattro, Peugeot 505, Porsche 911 bi-turbo and Renault 21 Turbo 4x4 on the top step of the podium! Under the aegis of Citroën Sport, design is delegated to renowned Danielson tuner while finances are provided by dealers. The car is much closer to a prototype than a production AX (only the tailgate is an original Citroën part), the result is striking and the performance impressive. For the 1987 season, year of accelerated development and fine-tuning, the first two Superproductions develop 330hp then 380hp with the 1360cc and are entrusted to former F1 driver Jean-Pierre Jarier and rally driver Carole Vergnaud. The model that interests us today is the 1988 model, developed especially for Jean-Pierre Jarier. Unique, our AX is equipped with the 1600cc 16-valve turbocharged engine with a second camshaft, producing 480 hp! Whether it's the engine or its cooling, road handling or electronic management, everything is improved, not to mention the overall reliability thanks to techniques derived from Formula 1, including water injection, integral electronic management, sodium-treated valves, and aluminum dis - tribution. But the mos
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