FURNITURE WITH HEIGHT SUPPORT in rosewood.... - Lot 160 - Aguttes

Lot 160
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6000 - 8000 EUR
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Result : 7 150EUR
FURNITURE WITH HEIGHT SUPPORT in rosewood.... - Lot 160 - Aguttes
FURNITURE WITH HEIGHT SUPPORT in rosewood. Rich ormolu ornamentation. Roses in the lower part. Opens with a central leaf decorated with an antique urn surrounded by a floral garland. In the upper part a ribboned medallion with the effigy of a queen. Post friezes and medallion with the motif of Hercules and Cerberus with spandrels in garlands of oak leaves. Louis XVI style Stamped "A". BEURDELEY A.PARIS" H. 138; L. 83; P. 25 cm A few jumps in the veneer At the observation of the gilded bronzes of Beurdeley, Pierre Verlet chief curator of the Objets d'art of the Louvre museum from 1945 to 1965 and from 1968 to 1972 is pantois: "Great art, which leaves one dreaming. An 18th century, which continues to live on". True continuators of French taste in the Decorative Arts, Louis-Auguste-Alfred Beurdeley (1808-1883) then Emmanuel-Alfred Beurdeley (1847-1919) developed a flourishing house. It is important to note their double competence, as "curiosity" dealers and furniture manufacturers, which enabled them to expand their collection of models thanks to trade. Above all, the opening of the palaces during the Third Republic enabled them to study the royal furniture in greater depth. Thus, Emmanuel-Alfred Beurdeley obtained permission to collect drawings in the Trianon palaces in 1897. Initially as a subcontractor, the house created its own workshops in 1876. From the manufacture of cabinetwork, marquetry and bronzes, the workshops take care of everything: modeling, chasing and gilding. The free-standing piece of furniture presented here is a brilliant example of Beurdeley's virtuosity. Medallions with the effigy of Hercules and a profile of a queen, an antique urn, and oak leaf friezes are obtained by overmoulding a vast collection of master models obtained through their activity as art dealers. Far from the servile copy, the piece of furniture is a clever reorganisation of the codes of the Louis XVI style.
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