POTS-POURRIS pair made of gilt bronze coconuts... - Lot 124 - Aguttes

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POTS-POURRIS pair made of gilt bronze coconuts... - Lot 124 - Aguttes
POTS-POURRIS pair made of gilt bronze coconuts after the model executed under the direction of the merchant Jean Dulac. The lid is decorated with seeds and laurel leaves, the body topped by a frieze of piaster and two satyr heads holding garlands of laurel leaves, the foot resting on a square counter-base finished with a white marble base. Restoration period, circa 1825-1830 H. 32; W. 22; D. 18 cm A restored cracked lid, missing "Merchants of everything and makers of nothing", this trait of spirit of the Encyclopedia attributed to Diderot does not pay homage to this profession. At once scholar, merchant, designer, decorator, and above all initiator of the "goust", the merchant merchant played a major role in the development of the luxury industry in the 18th century. Merchants were one of the most important Parisian corporations in the 18th century. A more accurate definition would be found in the methodical encyclopedia, or in order of subject matter, by a society of men of letters, savants and artists, in Panckoucke in Paris, 1783, t. II, p. 72. "Merchant merchant merchant is allowed to embellish all the goods they sell, but not to manufacture them." The authorship of the design of decorative projects is not always easy between the author of a project and the executor. Nevertheless, Jean Dulac (1704-1786) was certainly a disseminator of Greek-style taste and drew many sketches and models. The journey that Marigny, younger brother of the Pompadour, made to Rome in 1751 was undoubtedly a turning point in the changeover from the "chantourné de la courbe" style, later improperly named "Louis XV style" for the geometrical lines inherited from antiquity to the "Louis XVI style". The vase presented here with its satyr figures and its ordered foliated friezes is a precious testimony to the change in artistic vocabulary. Dulac, sensing a desire for renewal, created here a classical symmetrical covered vase, while restraining h
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