LARGE WINE CREATER VASE in walnut richly... - Lot 26 - Aguttes

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28000 - 32000 EUR
LARGE WINE CREATER VASE in walnut richly... - Lot 26 - Aguttes
LARGE WINE CREATER VASE in walnut richly carved in high relief. Its shape is inspired by the ancient Greek two-handled vase for mixing wine and water. The base is a vine stock; the body of the vase is decorated on two sides with scenes of children and cherubs picking grapes under an arcature; at the lower part of these scenes and on each side, there is a knot-shaped protuberance, one of which is pierced to allow the wine to be poured; the decoration all around and on the handles, which bear two coats of arms, one of which, the first, is a... with two chequered bars d...; the other, d.... with the monogram IS interlaced; large cartouches around the handles show partially erased Latin inscriptions, including a date that is no longer visible; at the top, a frieze of carved zodiacal signs on a background of vine branches; the rim of the vase and the base bear Latin inscriptions in capital letters: at the top, OPUS DELIRA MENTE ET FICTUM LUCRI CAUSA BREVI AC FINE DIFICULTATE PERFECTUM EST ("This extravagant work was conceived and executed briefly and without difficulty"); at the base, TUUM POST PASSION ET DULCES FRUCTUS LABORIS EST. ("After your sorrow, it is sweet, the fruit of your labour"). Upper Rhine, Eberbach Abbey, 16th / 17th century Height: 200,6 cm - Diameter: 122 cm (restorations and fillings) The first coat of arms has been identified as belonging to the Cistercian abbey of Eberbach, located near Elteville-am-Rhein in southern Hesse. It has two chequered bars although the abbey's has only one; a very rare figure, the second bar here replaces the abbot's crosier. Founded for the first time in 1135 by Adalbert I of Saarbrücken, Archbishop of Mainz, Eberbach Abbey was known early on for its wine-growing estate. According to the rule of St. Benedict, the monks had to work to support the community; exploiting the geographical location and the s
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